BroachCutter CUB™ SLEEK | Ø36mm X 30mm

Motor Power

Motor Speed
(Under Load) 350 rpm

9.5 Kg

Annular Cutter
Max. Ø 36 mm

Twist Drill
Max. Ø 10 mm

Max. Ø 40 mm

Depth of Cut
20 mm with HSS Cutters
30 mm with TCT Cutters

38.5 mm

Magnetic Clamping
8900 N (25mm, ra=1,25

Supply Format

  • Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
  • Chip Guard
  • 4mm Hex Wrench
  • Metal Box
  • Operator’s Manual (English)
  • 5mm Hex Wrench
  • Feed Lever
  • Coolant Bottle Assembly



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