Technical Specifications…

Input Supply:                 170VAC – 280VAC, 1pH, 50Hz – 60Hz

Max Installed Power:    6.9KVA / 8.75HP

Current Range:             10-200 Amps

Current @ 60% Duty:    200 Amps

Current @ 100% Duty:  130 Amps

Dimensions:                  18.0 x 47.6 x 27.5 cm

Weight:                          12.3Kg


  • Victor Series is all new basic TIG Cycle welding power sources.

  • IGBT based switching technology

  • Arc Force and Hot Start are standard features enabling welder more control over weld joint.

  • Class H type of insulation.

  • Force Air type cooling.

  • IP21 type of ingress protection

  • Input supply + or – 20% fluctuation tolerant.

  • VRD Voltage Regulatory Device to ensure high welder safety.

  • OCV is 90Volts for cellulosic electrodes and better arc striking.

  • Adjustable Preflow and Postflow Gas time. (0.0 to 10.0 secs)

  • Adjustable Upslope and Downslope time. (0.0 to 100.0 secs)

  • 2Track, 4Track, Spot TIG welding modes.

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